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Resort Weeks Aruba is your go-to travel provider of luxury Caribbean vacations. We take vacations to the next level.

Aruba is a picturesque island in the Southern Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela. The tropical island boasts warm weather and sun all year round, making it a popular destination for travelers. As a constituent of the Netherlands, the official languages are Dutch, as well as local Papiamento. Most Arubans speak multiple languages, including English and Spanish.

Resort Weeks Aruba Top Choices for 2020

While many visitors are happy to relax on Aruba’s white sand beaches and in the crystal waters of the Caribbean, many exciting events are occurring year-round.

Aruba Carnival Season: January 4 to February 25

Where: Major cities

When: All day to late night

If you want to immerse yourself in Aruban culture and dance all day, you’ll love Carnival. Weeks of events include Jump Ups, Torch Light parades, and street dancing to blasting music. Tourists and locals alike wear vibrant costumes, and the party lasts all day and into the night! Highlights include the Jouvert Morning Pajama Parade, the Children’s Parades, and the Grand Parade.

Super Bowl Sunday in Aruba: February 2

Where: Major cities

When: All-day

Resort Weeks Aruba explains a considerable number of American tourists gather in Aruba to watch the Super Bowl, island style. Multiple cities on the island host parties, food and drink deals, and daytime parties. Football-friendly activities take place on land and the sea. Yes, you heard right, this includes underwater football games!

Valentine’s Day in Aruba: February 14

Where: Throughout the island

When: All-day

If you want to take romance to the next level in 2020, Aruba is the place to be. The day of love features dinner specials on the beach, sunset cruises, deals on couples massages, and couples skydiving if you’re an adrenaline junkie. What more could you want for a tropical romantic vacation?

Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration in Aruba: March 17

Where: Throughout the island

When: All-day

Saint Patrick’s Day is another major holiday that is worth trying island style. Trust us; it’s as eventful here as in other countries. Just add beach parties, shamrocks-and-Guinness-loving specials, the green of the Irish, and you’ve got yourself a great time.

King’s Day Celebration in Aruba: April 27

Where: Wilhelmina Park, Oranjestad

When: All-day

The public holiday honors Netherlands’ King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. Locals and tourists enjoy sporting events and competitions, kite flying contests, and other fun activities. Many restaurants and bars also organize themed specials and events. If you’re interested in celebrating the King’s birthday, remember to wear orange for the festivities!

Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival: May 20-25

Where: Harbor Square Arena, Oranjestad

When: All day to late night

This music festival is five days worth of beach parties, comedy shows, and top artists, including headliner John Legend! Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival was voted one of the Top Five Caribbean Celebrations by USA TODAY, and the #1 Caribbean Summer Festival by Jetsetter. The festival offers package deals on 4-night accommodations at nearby hotels, round-trip airport transfers, 3-day event passes, with breakfast included.

Aruba’s Annual International Regatta: August 21-23

Where: Surfside Beach, Oranjestad

When: All-day

Resort Weeks Aruba explains this is the ultimate sailing event, with a range of fun activities including international yacht competitions, catamarans, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. You also might need a power nap if you want to head to the late-night beach parties and bars.

Regatta sailing

Casibari Jazz Festival Aruba: September 20-21

Where: Casibari Music Café and Grill, Paradera

When: Nighttime

At the festival, Jazz lovers can take in the sounds of the Aruban String Quartet and other local artists. The event features an art fair and has lots of local food to choose from. A free shuttle service runs from the nearby Paradera Church from 6 pm to 2 am. This is a Resort Weeks Aruba favorite.

Shoco Artfest Aruba: October 19-20

Where: MotorWorld Aruba, Oranjestad

When 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Art lovers interested in local art have the chance to purchase pieces and interact with Aruba’s creative community. The unique event includes wood & rock sculptures, airbrush & paintbrush art, art on wheels, and a silent auction of skateboard art pieces. Immerse yourself in Aruba’s art culture at this one-of-a-kind exhibition!

Aruba Open Beach Tennis Championships: November 8-17

Where: Bushiri Beach Park, Oranjestad

When: All-day

This international event features over 1400 people, combining sports with a festival atmosphere. Participants play in a singles tournament; mix doubles tournament, nations and team cup, youth tournament, masters tournament, and doubles competition.

Other Important Information on Aruba

Aruba’s main currency is the Florin, but the US dollar is also accepted throughout the island. Banks also exchange other foreign currency, and traveler’s checks are accepted almost everywhere. Aruba’s hurricane season is in September and October. It is usually mild, with an average of 2-3 inches of rainfall per month. Standard security precautions are sufficient for Aruba travel. As in other countries, leave your passport and valuables at the hotel (never bring them to the beach) and avoid traveling alone at night. Travelers are encouraged to carry a photocopy of their passport with them.